Diesel Tuning

We are an approved supplier and fitter of PSI Diesel Tuning engine upgrades. These upgrades bring improvements in power, torque and fuel efficiency. Sounds too good to be true? Well they really work. Please contact us for more information about the upgrade for your car.

cr-powerboxThe PSI Powerbox is a clever piece of technology that increases the performance of your diesel engine. Installing the unit not only gives you more MPG and better torque, but also dramatically increases BHP – giving you more pulling power than ever before! With over 700 variations of the PSI Powerbox, we can cater for most makes and model of diesel engine,

From commercial and agricultural vehicle drivers to people towing caravans and horseboxes, the PSI Powerbox is indispensable.

Petrol Tuning

We are currently in discussions with one of the top manufacturers of petrol engine tuning chips and hope to be an approved supplier shortly. Please check back soon for more information.