Here at Neil Harrods we listen to what you need from your In Car Entertainment system and help you choose a system that will match your needs at a price you are happy to pay. Once you have chosen our highly skilled fitters will install your system to our exacting standards.

Head units, CD Changers and iPod kits

We sell all makes and models of head units to ensure we can find the right head unit for you.

  • Sony
  • Kenwood
  • Pioneer
  • Panasonic
  • Blaupunkt
  • We can supply and fit CD Changers for all of these makes. We can also supply and fit CD Changers for your existing manufacturer's head unit so you can enjoy the benefits of a CD changer without changing your dashboard or paying inflated dealership prices.

We can now sell and install iPod kits that allow you to use your iPod in place of a CD changer. These kits allow your existing head unit to control your iPod as if it were the mother of all CD changers. The kits come with a caddy that you just drop your iPod into as you get in the car. An added bonus of this is that your iPod will charge up as you drive.
We can install these caddies using dashboard mounts that require no drilling of the dashboard and can be easily removed ,leaving no trace, should you wish to sell your car.

Satellite Navigation

If you haven't experienced Satellite Navigation yet, then you are missing out. Driving to a new location is no longer a fight with maps and scribbled directions. You can sit back and enjoy the drive, safe in the knowledge you will be told where and when you need to turn. The more advanced models will also automatically direct you round traffic and congestion, link with your mobile phone and act as a hands free kit, some will now even read out text messages to you as you drive.

Well sell all makes and models from combined head units (that need to be installed by our skilled technicians but also act as your stereo head unit) to stand alone Satellite Navigation units (that can be moved between vehicles). For the stand alone units we sell a variety of windscreen mounts and dashboard mounts that require no drilling of your dashboard.

DVD Systems

Fed up of the kids screaming in the back? Keep them quiet and entertained with an in car DVD system. We can supply and install simple systems that hang on the back of the front seats through to fully installed systems that can incorporate a DVD, a PC and a Playstation. We can help advise you on what is available in your budget.