We are a registered repair agent for Eberspächer heaters which are usually found in Jiffy trucks and some lorry cabs and commonly described as a night heater. We have all the diagnostic and test equipment needed to repair and service these products.

Eberspacher recommended service schedule


Every 6 months

Every 12 months

Remove glow plug and inspect for carbon build up or damage to the heating coils, Clean or replace

Remove the glow plug screen and inspect for carbon
Build up. Clean or replace.

Check that all vent holes are clear of restriction or blockage.

Inspect the ducting, the air intake screen and air outlet for restriction or blockage.

Inspect combustion air intake and exhaust for blockage.

Check heater box or enclosure for damage or water ingress

Check all cables connections for liquid corrosion

Damp proof all electrical connections

Check Exhaust for blockage

Check combustion air intake for blockage

Run your heater and check for proper operation

Remove fuel metering pump filter and replace


Check fuel metering pump for correct delivery of fuel replace if necessary


Your Heater exchange must be replaced after 10 years of service